Jacksonville Library Construction Screwup Leads to Lawsuit


As is the case with many government construction projects, problems and issues with the original building construction seem to pop up after the project is completed. As reported by News Jax 4, the Jacksonville City Public Library downtown started experiencing faulty leaks, window problems, and other issues after the initial construction was completed in 2005.

According to News Jax 4 on the issue:

Because of the cost increase, the city delayed the work, but repair work resumed in late 2015, when the city hired another company to make repairs because the original builders refused to do so. Since then, all the windows and faulty concrete have been repaired, and the work even held up during Hurricane Matthew without more leaks.

The repairs cost the city close to $1.8 million. The city is suing the six contracting companies that built the library to get them to pay for the repair work. The lawsuit says the companies refused to remedy the problems and pay for the repairs, so the city was forced to hire another contractor to correct the deficient and defective work.

Both sides of the lawsuit will continue to work out a deal in private, and we expect to hear more on the issue at a later date.

The Public Library is a beautiful building that is located downtown, and is composed of a large library system of over three hundred thousand square feet of space. It has an impressive collection of over 2 million books, e-materials, DVDs and other media. The library is located at:

Jacksonville Public Library Main

303 N Laura St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: (904) 630-2665

Website: http://www.jaxpubliclibrary.org/



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