Pet Dogs While You Drink Coffee in Jacksonville



According to multiple news sources in the Jacksonville Fl area, a new cafe has been opened at Roosevelt Blvd. This cafe is much different than most generic cafes you see opening in the market- if you order coffee at this one, you get to pet adorable dogs that are up for adoption in Jax. The problem with most dog adoption facilities is that they lack access and interaction with the population base, meaning that many adorable dogs go un-noticed, and un-adopted. The Jax Dog Cafe is a great new place where the sparks of interaction can happen, and most likely result in some incredible new homes for resident pups.

You should definitely check this place out. The Jax Dog Cafe is located at:

Jacksonville Dog Cafe Headquarters
5535 Roosevelt Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Phone: 904-610-0746

Additional article on their launch can be found here




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