No more mowing, watering lawn in Jacksonville


We all know how painful it is to water your lawn, invest in an irrigation system, pull weeds from your grass, and break out that old lawn mower in the one hundred degree heat-along with staggering humidity levels. Well fear no more, due to a new technology innovation in the home services sector, you can now get an artificial grass that looks fantastic all year long.

A new company has launched this month called Best Artificial Grass Jacksonville, and they are opening a new warehouse and distribution center in town. It seems that the market for artificial turf-traditionally reserved for sports like soccer, football, and the like-is opening up to the residential home market. This seems to be a great value add for homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, and it is likely good for the environment as one can cut down on the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides, as well as conserve water.

According to the press release, Best Artificial Grass Jacksonville seems optimistic about the opportunity:

‘We are excited to open our doors and bring our products closer to our clients, says Andrew Gao, project manager at Best Artificial Grass. ‘This will allow the company to easily transfer our artificial turf products without having to transfer stock from the manufacturing plant for warehousing and shipping. We now will be able to efficiently distribute Best Artificial Grass products from one central location.

Best Artificial Grass produces and distributes artificial turf for every imaginable application: for landscape lawns, playgrounds, sports fields, pet areas, and putting greens, and is available in a wide range of color combinations for a natural look. Products are 100 percent lead free and eco-friendly, and are made using the latest technologies:

KoolMax Technology: Exclusive KoolMax grass is designed to reflect sunlight in order to limit heat buildup and reduce thermal energy emissions, effectively keeping turf cooler by 15 percent compared to other similar products by other companies.

For more more information, visit their website or use the details below:

Best Artificial Grass Jacksonville

13291 Vantage Way #100, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Phone: (904) 741-4072



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