Local Pool Builder Warns Jacksonville Residents of Scams


If you search the internet, it is not difficult to find hundreds of people who have been scammed by home services contractors and pool builders. The last thing a homeowner expects after forking over hard-earned cash for a backyard pool is a hole in the ground and unfinished pool with a contractor that has skipped town. Click2Houston.com (Channel 2) uncovered a very sad story of this happening in Cypress, Texas to multiple homeowners:

The Cypress couple adopted their great-nephew Jamon, who suffers from several disabilities as a result of being shaken as a baby. The 5-year-old is blind and cannot walk, but he can exercise his legs by swimming. In May, the family decided to put in a pool and entered into a contract with Bellar Pools.

…Two months later, all Comeaux has is a concrete-lined hole in her backyard with no plumbing or equipment to the pool, and several other components left unfinished. She said they paid Bellar Pools nearly $40,000 for the work that was done and for weeks she’s not been able to get in touch with anyone from the company.

Channel 2 Investigates has been contacted by several homeowners who said they paid tens of thousands of dollars to Bellar Pools only to be left with incomplete jobs. All of them are having trouble getting other contractors to finish the work.

In the end, multiple home owners were victim of this scam, and it appears that the business owner skipped town after shutting the business down without telling anyone. It appears to us that these customers paid a significant amount of money upfront, leaving no incentive for the builder to finish the job.

Jacksonville has many high quality and reputable home pool builders to choose from, but it is important for homeowners to be aware of the dangers of dealing with the wrong contractor, and to also know how to properly structure home projects. Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros has put together some good tips to keep you out of hot water:

  1. Phone interviews, and in-person visits to the showroom are crucial to getting a feel for the professionalism of the organization, and determining whether or not you can trust them.
  2. Ask the pool builder over the phone to share with you their insurance company. This will help protect you from builders who say they have insurance, but actually don’t have any.
  3. References and client referrals from past jobs are extremely important to verify before a job takes place. If a Jacksonville pool contractor is hesitant to give you a list of previous clients to contact-buyer beware.
  4. Have an established written contract in place, and don’t pay for the entire pool upfront. This will protect you and incentivize the pool builder to meet the project milestones that are laid forth in the contract.

If you are in the market for a beautiful Jacksonville backyard swimming pool, and need a trusted pool builder in Jacksonville FL, be sure to give Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros a call. They’ve been successfully installing pools in the area for years, and get excited when prospective customers ask for referrals because they have done such a good job in the past, that previous clients love sharing their experience.

There are unlimited opportunities and options with Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros. Whether you want a custom designed pool, a fiberglass pool, stone falls, seaside entries, swimming pool mosaics, tanning racks, pebble surfaces, or tinted quartz interior surfaces, they can do it all.

Jacksonville Pool Builder Pros, Address: 301 W. Bay Street Suite 14146, Jacksonville, FL 32202, Phone: (904) 204-0899













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